Time-Lapse Map of 2015 Avalanche Advisory Archives

The map below is based on the

Daily Avalanche Advisories from December 9, 2014 to May 17, 2015.

Danger Scale Ratings:
1 – LOW
4 – HIGH
A zone with No Rating can mean that there is not enough snow for a rating, or that the last forecast has expired.

This map shows the Daily Avalanche Advisory for Tuckerman and Huntington Ravines.
The database includes 32 Daily Advisory records between 12/09/2014 and 1/14/2015, the first month of 2014-2015 season, when only the overall worst-case rating was entered in the database each day; for that first month, all 18 polygons are all coded with the same color each day, until January 14.
The database includes 122 Daily Advisory records between 1/15/2015 and 5/16/2015, when 18 individual micro-forecast ratings were entered in the database each day. The later 5 months show much greater detail, such as differences between the two ravines, and the aspects that were windloaded.
Occasional gaps in the daily time interval were filled by extending the previous forecast expiration date-time until the next forecast’s effective date. Technically, these advisories do not become effective until they are posted about 8AM each day, leaving a “no-rating” period from Midnight until after sunrise; for continuity purposes, the daily advisories are shown on this map effective for entire 24 hour periods.

At the bottom of the map frame are Time controls.

  • The Clock indicates what Date & Time the map is showing;
  • Pause, Play, & Rewind buttons on the clock control the animation;
  • Outer clock dial is animation’s Speedometer;
  • Initial animation speed is fast, you may want to dial it back;
  • Timeline ribbon-control shows the animation’s progress within the available time interval (December 9, 2014 to May 16, 2015);
    • Drag Timeline left-right to advance date-time, r-l to rewind;
  • Full-Screen button in lower-right maximizes the detail;
    • landscape orientation works best on mobile devices;

At the top of the map frame are View controls.

  • Home (house) button morphs to 2D top-down view;
  • 3D button resets to default 3D Pinkham Notch view;
  • Globe-Grid button also toggles 3D or 2D mode;
  • Basemap-picker button allows changing default aerial imagery
    from ESRI to BING to Topo maps… and 2 terrain options;
  • Help button shows navigation tips for mouse or touchscreen;
  • CZML button toggles the time-lapse avalanche advisory layer;
  • SNOW button applies a visual effect, changing the true-color base map imagery into a snowy-white background, for better contrast with the danger-colors of the Avalanche Hazard polygons, by applying an exaggerated Gamma correction value (aka luminance);

Looking West, over the mountain, you may notice sunsets, the Moon, and various ‘skybox’ features setting on the horizon in the background,
I think I saw the Tardis fly by once…

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