Avalanche Hazard Map – 3D

The map below is based on the advisory HERE

Danger Scale Ratings:
1 – LOW
4 – HIGH
A zone with “No Rating” can mean that there is not enough snow for a rating, or that the last forecast has expired. The daily advisory expires at Midnight. After midnight, or after the season ends, the map should show “No Rating” until a new Daily Advisory is posted by the Mount Washington Avalanche Center.

This map is for planning & reference purposes only. Actual observed conditions may be significantly different than the avalanche forecast map, and weather forecast. This map is not intended for navigational use in avalanche terrain. The avalanche forecast areas shown are cartographic representations for public safety outreach & education purposes only.  This map is not produced by the US Forest Service.  Although this map does not show any danger of natural & human-triggered avalanche activity outside the Mt Washington Avalanche Center’s forecast zones, additional avalanche terrain is located elsewhere across the White Mountain National Forest, and avalanches occur regularly outside the zones shown on this map.  Safe travel requires training and experience making your own snow stability assessments and terrain choices. The Steep Slopes overlay may help identify additional avalanche terrain.

North American Avalanche Danger Scale

Échelle de danger en français

This map demonstrates a CesiumJS web map embedded in a “static” WordPress Page , using the WordPress PlugIn I have developed; this 3D map Page should display identical avalanche ratings as the “dynamic” WordPress Post demo with a similar title.

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  1. NOTICE: 1/20/2021
    *** DO NOT USE THIS MAP! ***
    MWAC Daily Avalanche Advisories for 2021 follow a new format, forecasting avalanche hazard by aspect and elevation, which will take some time to recreate in a 3-D map presentation format on this website.
    Ski and “Hike-Safe”, read the MWAC daily advisory, read the daily MWObs higher summits weather forecast, and have a blessed day.

  2. Not much to see here at this time of year. The map will remain Gray for No-Rating from May 27, when the daily 2018-2019 avalanche advisories ended, until USFS begins publishing daily advisories again, for the 2019-2020 avalanche season.

  3. MWAC reorganized their website since last weekend, and moved the Advisory to a different URL, which looks more user-friendly on their website, but it broke the code in my website’s 3D map. I had to recode the URL to the Advisory. Mission accomplished, the map is working again.

  4. The Mount Washington Avalanche Center has begun posting daily advisories for the 2018-19 season. The Avalanche Hazard forecast zones have changed dramatically. The map now shows a Presidential Range zone with an overall danger rating. The map is no substitute for reading the full advisory text, and the latest Observations posts.

  5. The Mount Washington Avalanche Center has issued the final daily advisories for the 2017-18 season. The Avalanche Hazard Map will show gray polygons with ‘no rating’ until November or December 2018.

  6. Note that the “ESRI World Imagery” base map option shows satellite images of Mount Washington with a late Spring snowpack on April 14, 2014 at half-meter resolution. “The New Hampshire 2015 statewide imagery” option shows aerial images of Mount Washington with a late Spring snowpack on May 14, 2015 at 1-foot resolution.

  7. On December 26, I updated the LFTGLY WordPress Plugin to version 3.0.4, and restored the “Tooltips” which appear when hovering over the MWAC avalanche polygon overlay in the Cesium map.

  8. On December 24th, Christmas Eve, I updated the LFTGLY WordPress Plugin to version 3.0.3, and updated the Cesium javascript library to version 1.40.
    This resolves a bug that appeared in November’s Cesium v1.39; the browser would freeze, after hovering over the MWAC avalanche polygon overlay in the Cesium map (“drill picking a polygon clamped to ground would cause the browser to hang”). The bug resolution also temporarily removed the “Tooltips” for the avalanche polygon overlay, which formerly popped-up when hovering over a polygon. I hope to bring back the Tooltips, in the future.

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