Little Rock, Arkansas – Address Labels in Google Map

Click the JSON button, and ZOOM IN all the way, to see the building address labels.

This Google Map displays PAGIS Building Point Addresses (BPADD), converted to geoJSON, and loaded as Markers with Labels from a FeatureCollection.
There are 73,531 of BPADD with unique RANGE values in the City of Little Rock, so you cannot view them all at once. As of June 1, 2018, this page was updated to show all 159,888 address points in Pulaski County that have unique RANGE values.

In this map, the labels are only loaded within the current view, and only when zoomed in to a tile map scale of 18 (1:4514).

Colonial Parc apartments, off Baseline Road, east of Geyer Springs Rd, is a good example of the RANGE attribute in BPADD for labeling. The buildings all share one address number, 5813 BASELINE RD, but the labels show the range of apartment unit numbers in each building, in parantheses. A tooltip shows each building’s address number and street name.

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  1. Address labels current to June 1, 2018.
    Click the JSON button to toggle the address labels on or off.
    Click the Location button to zoom to your current geoLocation, or toggle off the Location. Your Location information is not tracked or saved by this web page.

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