Gary’s Glade – 3/30/2017

Thursday was sunny and cold, low 30s (F) at the trailhead. I had to check out what base was left, before the impending crowd of April Fools show up this weekend. After the rain and refreeze, the snow surfaces are still rough. That’s better than a really smooth, slick icy bed surface in avalanche terrain, but its not good. We’ll have to watch, if the storm comes in cold and dry before getting wet and heavy, there could be considerable problems before a couple days pass, and the new snow begins to bond. Just what the Snow Rangers dread, new snow on Friday night before a busy weekend in the Ravines…

A half inch of new snow had fallen overnight on the Westside, that’s all. Seriously, 0 to a half inch. Man, the Obs said 2. Okay, where the wind transported it, hollows in the snow surface were filled-in with 2 inches, but even that didn’t smooth out the surface enough to make it like skiing cream-cheese, it was still frozen corn without enough butter.

It didn’t soften up above treeline, it didn’t soften up in the trees, and it hadn’t even softened up on open slopes in the sun, except after 4PM, at elevations below 3000 feet.

I skied Garys Glade. Slowly.

It was not “good” skiing, but I had fun, and so did the dog, in spite of a little post-holing in rain-saturated snow that wasn’t refrozen hard enough to support his weight. It was a good day for maintenance; I cleared a blow-down.

By mid-afternoon, the snow started to melt off the trees overhead and drip down. There was beautiful light filtering through the trees, though linking turns was impossible: side-slip, turn, side-slip, turn…

I skied a little of the Ammonoosuc River – where all the melting snow goes on the Westside of Mount Washington – and that was fun.

Here’s the long story:

It was a nice short afternoon tour, 1500-vertical-feet, under 3-hours, on another beautiful day to be outside, on the Westside of Mount Washington.

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