Jeffersons Knees, Six Husbands – 5/09/2004

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Author: Lftgly  Posted on Wednesday, May 12, 2004 – 10:27 pm:

Skied the remaining snowfield on Jeffersons Knees at Six Husbands Trail on Sunday, May 9.

Credit for this tour goes to a couple great skiers, who truly believe the “no pain, no gain” philosophy. This was their 5th Fifth Annual Suffer Trip, which I’m told usually involves a lot of hypothetical skiing, (i.e. “do you think this gully would be skiable if it had snow on it?”). Jonathan & Nick kindly let me tag along. The photo credits go to Jonathan.

We had a great time, because the hiking on the Gulfside, Cornice, and Caps Ridge Trails was beautiful, and we got lucky on the snowfields. I would not recommend Jefferson as an option for this coming weekend. But in the years to come, when you want an option to get away from the crowds at Airplane and Pipeline Gullies, LOL…

The upper half of snowfield on Jeffersons Knee was a wide, low-angle slope. Through a brushy connection, it connected to a steep slope which dropped down to the skiers left into Jefferson Ravine.

NOTE: In 2017, this snowfield is now known as “The Beach“, and the steep slope in Jefferson Ravine is known as “Stealth Gully“.

Dropping into Jefferson Ravine:

The lower half

We have various interpretations of the vertical, somewhere between 3-something and 450′. Rapidly improving weather and rising barometer played havoc with altimeters. I’m going with my Vertech.

View of Chandler Brook Trail from Jefferson:

View of what’s left in Great Gulf:

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