Airplane Gully – 5/11/2003

Sunday morning started out sunny, and it was 55 degrees in Airplane Gully at Noon. I got the T-shirt weather I was holding out for, but it would have been more fun with way2ski & friends! I had the mountain to myself, until a lone skier showed up just before 2PM, as I headed down the Jewell Trail.

Yesterday’s tracks from way2ski were still in evidence. Thanks for leaving a nice boot track up!

The only down side to the T-shirt weather was really soft snow. Although it was nice corn at the top, it turned to 3″-4″ of mashed potatoes halfway down. I’m not complaining, mind you!

Thin clouds moved in at Noon, but didn’t start to make a dent in the sunshine until 2PM. I took a last couple dozen turns on Mt. Clay before heading down the Jewell Trail.

It got progressively overcast on the hike down, but the predicted showers held off.

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