Cog Railway Sunset Tour – 2/21/2021

1:00 PM, 16°F at Cog base, under high clouds and occasional snowflakes, with light winds out of the SouthWest. Late in the afternoon, the wind came around to the West, and the cloud ceiling rose above the summit, before sunset.
First stop, fly new prayer flags at Gary’s Rock, Jacob’s Ladder.
Next, I skied untracked boot-top powder down the railway tracks from Jacobs Ladder, past Profile Rock, Money Rock, and the Halfway House, to the Upper Waumbek Switch.
Then, I skied untracked powder between the two trestles, from the Upper Waumbek Switch to Waumbek Station.
Taking a break from skiing, I warmed up for a half-hour sitting next to the Cog Railway’s still-hot fire pit, watching a pillar of light and snowflakes sparkling over the Waumbek Tank, as the sun set low on the western horizon.
As the sun finally set, I skied down Cold Spring Hill from the Waumbek Tank, finding plenty of untracked snow on skiers left and right, all the way down.
Whatever I’ve done to deserve this day, I better keep doing more of it!


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