Cog Railway – Presidents Day Sunset 2/17/2020

My WordPress blog is FUBAR, thanks to GoDaddy’s shared web hosting (who nuked my plugin development when they removed the ‘Refresh Server Cache’ button in an upgrade of their Plesk management console), along with incremental updates in WordPress and Chrome that required updating PHP…
I will try to post a trip report, and see if I can even get a page to load.

I don’t have a GPS log, but let’ssee if a map will load.

The Westside of Mt Washington
Unexpected encounters with wildlife…

q: Why do you need a leash for your dog, at the Cog?

a: Real moose or deer will gore your barking dog with their antlers! Black bears bite. Of course, in mid-winter, deer and moose drop their antlers, and bears hibernate. This was scenario-based training, using a mechanized bull… Rocket failed, as most dogs would.

Waumbek Tank
Lower Waumbek Switch

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