Tuckerman Ravine – Gelandesprung

Ted Hall, my Dad, taught me to ski, and sparked my lifelong fascination with Tuckerman Ravine and Mount Washington.  In 1949, he skied Tuckerman Ravine with his friend, Gerry Clapp, and Gerry’s father.

In the Winter of 1955-1956, he was in his junior year at Harvard College, when he received this Sig Buchmayer catalog.


It was about 1955-1956 that he brought his girlfriend from Smith College, Ann Progin (Hall), on a weekend overnight ski trip to Hermit Lakes Shelters.  I treasure an undated photograph of Ted and Ann at HoJos, with Tuckerman Ravine in the background.  Someday I’ll disassemble the frame, scan the photo, and re-frame it.

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