The Snow Arch – Tuckerman Ravine

I first posted these photos on July 15, 2003 at First Tracks Online: No-Bull Ski Reports; years later, I re-posted at Time For Tuckerman forums; both posts were lost to database hacks or crashes.

We thought we were pretty cool on July 12, 1994 when we skied the Snow Arch. Little did we appreciate that this was… reckless? (a polite word to describe it).


A couple years later, skiing Tucks on August 5, 1996, we learned how truly dangerous those tons of undermined snow & ice can be.

August 5, 1996, the Snow Arch was beginning to take shape:
Chris before...
CD making his first turns, then pausing in the “safe” zone above the thinnest undermined section:

Before and After:

I almost dropped the camera when it collapsed behind the tails of CD’s skis. It made quite a roar of a sound. As soon as I realized CD was OK, we began to worry whether any hikers had been down below when it collapsed. Earlier, some hikers had been down below, peering curiously up under the snow. Luckily, all spectators had been clear of the part that collapsed. Had anyone been caught, this was not “snow” that could be shoveled off them – forget about your winter AV gear, beacon-probe-shovel. It would have required a pick axe to chop away at the tons of ice – not something we had even considered.

I did that
CD says, “I did that!”

He left it looking a little more like a Snow Arch than when we arrived.

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