Airplane, Pipeline, East Snowfields – 5/17/2003

I first posted this trip report May 17, 2003, 10:03PM, on First Tracks Online: No-Bull Ski Reports

Saturday started out with a frost in the valleys. It had warmed up into the 40s by 9AM, when we started up the Auto Road. It was still chilly when we reached the parking area at 6000′ elev.

There were some icy spots early on the Gulfside Trail, as we hiked to Airplane Gully. Our first couple turns in Airplane were firm, but it was already softening up just a hundred feet down or so. By the time we were hiking back up Airplane, at 11AM, it was in the 60s.

Then we hiked over to Pipeline, and skied the top 3/4. There was a narrow spot 1/3 of the way down, which required jumping or sidestepping over a small rock. Below that, you could ski down to just above the icefall.

There was no way 2 ski (LOL) over or around the icefall, so we hiked back up from there.

Here’s the view of Airplane and Pipeline (L to R) from the Gulfside Trail, on our way back to the Auto Road.

Then we walked “across the street”, and took a run on the East Snowfields. There was a tailgate party atmosphere, being only a hundred yards off the road, complete with a table and chairs.

We stopped at 3:45PM on our way down the Auto Road for one last look at Pipeline (Left) and a couple other skiable lines on Mt. Clay.

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