RMC’s New Trail: Will’s Way

The story below is an excerpt from the December 2017 RMC newsletter, © 2017 Randolph Mountain Club

“Above: the aerial photographic view and detail map of the trail network were developed after the October board meeting, through collaboration between outgoing Trails co-chair Chris Campbell and RMC cartographer Jonathan Hall; they show the route of the new ‘Will’s Way’ trail as recorded with a portable GPS device. Images by Jonathan Hall.”


The new “Will’s Way” trail, ascending towards Randolph Hill Road from the Pasture Path. R. Meiklejohn photo.

by Randy Meiklejohn

“At their October meeting, members of the board of directors voted unanimously to accept a proposal for a new RMC trail, to be known as Will’s Way. The trail, approximately 680 feet in length, starts on the Pasture Path just west of its junction with the Diagonal, and runs north to a point on Randolph Hill Road opposite Sugar Plum Farm. It is very much like the Short Circuit, which follows a similar route about five hundred feet to the east. Together they form a loop for short walks between the Midlands and the Hill.”

“The trail honors the memory of Will Hartman, and passes along the west side of the land where he grew up. He died in October 2016 in a kayaking accident in India, and many in the Randolph community saw a remembrance of Will in last December’s issue of the Mountain View. His mother, Lynn Hunt, brought the trail proposal to the club, and has provided additional notes about the trail and about Will for this article.”

“In considering the addition of this trail, the directors followed the policy adopted by the board in July 2015 regarding changes to the club’s trails.  Proposals for adding, removing, substantially relocating or re-naming RMC trails are to be 1) documented in a map, 2) accompanied by evidence of the consent of the owner of the land where the trail is located, 3) considered only in a meeting of the board of directors, and 4) decided by a majority vote of the board.”

“Will’s Way is newly named and a new addition to the RMC network, but it is not a new trail; it has been in use by local residents for many decades, and in all seasons. The club’s directors would like to thank Lynn Hunt for her proposal to the RMC, and to encourage members who aren’t familiar with this route to come enjoy a walk in the woods.”

Will Hartman

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